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Abe's Drill Tap Chart v1.0

Rating: 4/5
Abe's Drill Tap Chart is a free Pocket PC program that helps to figure out the correct drill sizes when either tapping or drilling clearance holes for common standard and metric bolt threads. ...
Arrived: Apr 29, 2005
Found under: Calculator, Engineering

Abisoft PocketScale v1.0

PocketScale is a .Net freeware utility to assist scale modellers. Features: - Two-sides tranferring values (metric system - foot/inches) with scale multiplier. ...
Arrived: Jun 29, 2005
Found under: Calculator, Converter

Age Calculator

Rating: 4/5
This software calculates age on entering the birthdate. software is really simple to use and self explanatory. Decent and bold fonts and clear text. This is my first attempt to write mobile application.
Arrived: Jul 24, 2010
Found under: age calculator, birthdate, calculator

AlcControl v1.1

Blood alcohol concentration calculator.
Arrived: Dec 5, 2008
Found under: calculator, alcohol


A simple transaction manager for Windows Mobile.
Arrived: Dec 9, 2009
Found under: bank, money, financal, calculator, spend manager, earn


BaseCalc is a small calculator that enables the stereophotographer to compute, on the field, the appropriate stereo base.
Arrived: Jul 31, 2008
Found under: calculator, base, stereo


- Supports Chinese and English - Cheque Helper - Online Currency Converter - Unit Converter
Arrived: May 22, 2010
Found under: calculator, currency, cheque, unit conversion

Battery Capacity Calculator

Rating: 5/5
Calculate capacity of rechargeable batteries by converting Wh to mAh and mAh to Wh. Great for projects.
Arrived: May 20, 2010
Found under: utilities, battery, tools, productivity, calculators

BlueCalc 2.1 demo

BlueCalc v2.1 is a powerful expression calculator and formulae processor for PocketPC
Arrived: Jan 14, 2007
Found under: Calculators, Medical, Science


Estrazioni del Lotto, Italy. 10 different rules Rules for guessing a number in the extraction of the month, derived from the famous Cornelius Agrippa and Pico della Mirandola.
Arrived: Oct 12, 2010
Found under: calculator, lottery, games
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