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MyTravelr v1.0F3

MyTravelr is a set of tools designed to help on-the-go mobile users maximize their productivity and reduce the stress of travel (World Clocks,Weather,Currencies Converter,Day/night Map and more)
Arrived: May 13, 2020
Found under: productivity, travel, weather, clock, time, currency, todo list, converter, world, map, clothing, measurements, packing list, dialing codes

Unit Converter for Windows Phone

Unit Converter to convert various units into one another. You can convert units like Area, Data, Distance, Length, Temperature, Time, Volume, Weight and more.
Arrived: Aug 7, 2012
Found under: unit converter, unitconverter, paras wadehra, wadehra, windows phone

Pocket Converter

Rating: 4/5
Pocket Converter 1.5 is the best converter for your pocket pc device.
Arrived: Mar 8, 2011
Found under: productivity, converter, units, measurements, calculators, tools

Mobile Currency Converter

Rating: 5/5
A simple currency converter application with HTC Sense Interface Style. All suggestions are welcomed.
Arrived: Feb 8, 2011
Found under: productivity, finance, sense interface sdk, currency converter

Gb-Gas heat input Calculator

Rating: 5/5
HEAT INPUT AND GAS RATE APP A Windows Mobile APP that can be use to time the gas meter for heat input or gas rate calculations.
Arrived: Jan 16, 2011
Found under: engineering, business, calculator, converter, gas

mConvert VGA

Rating: 3/5
Due to popular demand, mConvert now supports more devices in this, the VGA version.
Arrived: Jul 5, 2010
Found under: convert, converter, units, unit, unit converter, utilities, tools, vga

mConvert WVGA

Rating: 4/5
Version 2 of that simple and attractive unit converter, mConvert. WVGA only !
Arrived: Jul 5, 2010
Found under: convert, converter, units, unit, unit converter, utilities, tools, wvga


Rating: 4/5
The quickest unit and currency converter for your Windows Mobile phone
Arrived: Oct 3, 2009
Found under: tools, unit, converter, cyrrency, productivity, calculator

Xchange R8

Rating: 4/5
Xchange R8 is a simple currency converter.
Arrived: Oct 6, 2008
Found under: converter, currency, banks

GPS Converter v1.0

Rating: 4/5
GPS Converter for Garmin, iGo, SpeedNavi and Powermap. ...
Arrived: Apr 7, 2008
Found under: gps, maps, navigation, utilities, converter
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