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PocketCaprice v0.8

PocketCaprice emulates the hardware of the legendary Amstrad CPC, allowing to run CPC software on your Pocket PC device like a real CPC with a high level of compatibility since it is based on the grea...
Arrived: Feb 6, 2006
Found under: Utilities, Emulators

Quake 3 Arena CE v1.0

Rating: 5/5
It is a port of the recenly-GPL-released Quake 3 Arena from iD Software to Windows CE 4.2 for Pocket PC. Sure, the game still runs at like 5 FPS, but at least we know how to make it faste...
Arrived: Oct 12, 2005
Found under: Utilities, Emulators

CastCE v1.2

CastCE is a fully functional Atari ST emulator for the Pocket PC with support for literally hundreds of great games. CastCE Features: - Very compatible - runs l...
Arrived: Sep 12, 2005
Found under: Utilities, Emulators

pDOSBox v0.63-p1

pDOSBox is a PocketPC port of the infamous DOSBox DOS-emulator. pDOSBox 0.63-p1 is based on the latest DOSBox 0.63 (as of April 2005). pDOSBox has been developed on a PocketPC 2003 SE, an...
Arrived: Jun 20, 2005
Found under: Utilities, Emulators

PocketScumm v0.7.1

It's just a port/branch of the ScummVM for the PocketPC - with additional features to make the Pocket gaming experience more enjoyable! If you are still wondering what the hell PocketSCUMM...
Arrived: Apr 4, 2005
Found under: Utilities, Emulators
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