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Touch keyboard

Rating: 3/5
Finger friendly keyboard with 2 different interfaces
Arrived: Nov 14, 2007
Found under: keyboard, keypad, touch, finger, friendly


Rating: 5/5
Take back control of your device with Pointui Home. No need to fumble for a stylus anymore as Home is designed with generously sized finger friendly controls.
Arrived: May 5, 2008
Found under: shell, interface, point, finger, friendly


Rating: 4/5
HTC EzInput Keyboard Suites - RC2 and Language Packs
Arrived: Nov 27, 2008
Found under: keyboard, input, utilities, finger, friendly, diamond

Smart Key Board

Rating: 4/5
Virtual keyboard for windows mobile devices.
Arrived: Jul 31, 2008
Found under: keyboard, input, utilities, finger, friendly


Rating: 4/5
GSlide is a simple yet versatile file explorer with a thumb friendly kinetic slider interface.
Arrived: Oct 8, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, finger friendly, explorer, gsensor


Rating: 5/5
FingerSuite replaces standard menu and message box for our windows mobile devices.
Arrived: Jul 2, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, touch, finger friendly, menu, alert boxes

Easy Expenses

Rating: 5/5
Easy Expenses is mainly focused on logging expenses.
Arrived: Apr 13, 2009
Found under: Productivity, Business, expenses, financial, tools, finger friendly, money

Fingathing V1.0 - Pocket Player QVGA Skin

Rating: 5/5
Fingathing - A finger friendly *Pocket Player* QVGA Skin by Holy Moly
Arrived: Oct 9, 2009
Found under: fingathing, skin, pocket player, qvga, holy moly, finger friendly,


Rating: 4/5
ThumbCalendar is a freeware utility, which has now reached version 0.4.7, which allows to check the calendar and create new appointments.
Arrived: Oct 8, 2009
Found under: Calendar, finger friendly,


Rating: 4/5
This is the game: Guess the number I thought! from our childhood
Arrived: Jun 5, 2011
Found under: games, number, finger friendly
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