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Rating: 5/5
Depth of field calculator for cameras.
Arrived: Oct 3, 2011
Found under: science, photo, dof, depth of field, photography, calculator, productivity

ShortCAD Lite

Rating: 5/5
ShortCAD Lite 2.6 is an improvement of the previous version: 1) Added command to create equilateral Polygons. 2) To create Angular Dimensions: Added ShortCAD JavaScript command DIM_Angle.ShortJS. 3) A number of non-critical bugs have been fixed. 4) Improved ShortCAD Java Script API: Now ShortCAD Java Script applications can store and read data in the internal ShortCAD storage of values using ShortCADStoreValue and ShortCADReadValue. For example, DIM.ShortJS, DIM_Radius.ShortJS and DIM_Angle.ShortJS save and read to reuse the same parameters like text height, dim arrow size and others. 5) Updated ShortCAD JavaScript Reference and ShortCAD Lite 2.6 User Guide.
Arrived: Mar 11, 2011
Found under: productivity, business, calculators, cad, mobilecad, autocad, graphics, editors, drawing, architecture, dxf, 2d, vector, draw, javascript


Rating: 4/5
LiteTrack is the right tool to record your route, save off-road paths, retrace a journey, obtain detailed gps data, or simply get your position on the map. All staying offline!
Arrived: Nov 12, 2010
Found under: gps, track, tracking, map, route, satellite, poi, graphic

XnView Pocket

Rating: 5/5
XnView Pocket is an easy image viewer/manager/convert.
Arrived: Aug 31, 2010
Found under: Graphics, Viewers, Multimedia, Share, resize

ND Stopshop

Photography - Calculator for Neutral Density filters with built in timer
Arrived: Jul 12, 2010
Found under: photography, filter, calculator, timer


Rating: 5/5
SpaceTime 4.0 is the most powerful mathematics program ever developed for Windows Mobile powered devices.
Arrived: Apr 26, 2010
Found under: Misc, Science, Math, Calculators, plot, graphing

Depth of Field

Rating: 2/5
Depth of field scales are elegant tools for quickly and easily calculating depth of field for photography.
Arrived: Mar 2, 2010
Found under: productivity, calculator, photography, photo, utilities, professional

Vspainter LE

Rating: 3/5
advanced drawing tools using the last technologies of your portable windows mobile equipped with a stylus !
Arrived: Dec 18, 2009
Found under: Multimedia, Graphics, Utilities, paint, draw,


Rating: 4/5
This utility is designed to display images. It is fully controllable with finger and uses up the full screen.
Arrived: Dec 15, 2009
Found under: multimedia, graphics, pictures, viewer


Rating: 5/5
Simple note taking application with multiple sheets and direct screen writing option.
Arrived: Aug 10, 2009
Found under: Multimedia, Graphics, draw, write, screen, note, Productiviry, Database
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