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Sms Manager

Rating: 5/5
Sms Manager allows one to send Flash Messages ( Directly pops up on screen , Number is displayed Anonymous on some phones ) , Group Messaging (Sending sms to multiple Contacts) , Sms Flooding (Sending a message multiple times automatically just for fun). It is very easy to use with a very simple UI.
Arrived: Mar 26, 2012
Found under: communication, messaging, sms, free group sms, flash message, anonymous sms

MoblMsg 2.0 Group SMS Lite

Rating: 4/5
A compact, quick, easy to use alternative to sending and receiving SMS Text messages with the resident text messager. Free LITE version has limits on the size of outgoing texts but you can use it for free forever.
Arrived: Mar 4, 2011
Found under: sms, group, text, messaging, communication, texting, windowsmobile, moblmsg


Rating: 2/5
You can store your blood type. Potete memorizzare il vostro gruppo sanguigno.
Arrived: Mar 4, 2010
Found under: blood, group, personal, emergency

Mobile Group Mail

Mobile GroupMail is an easy windows mobile application that allows you to manage email groups and lists. Whether your users are part of your mobile contacts or not, GroupMail allows you to create groups and list of groups which can be used as an email recipients.
Arrived: Jun 29, 2009
Found under: email, group, list, contacts

Group SMS

Rating: 5/5
Group SMS Solution to send short messages to multiple recipients
Arrived: Mar 26, 2009
Found under: Communication, messaging, sms, group, chat

MoblMsg v1.0

Rating: 5/5
Group SMS Text Messaging via your MS Mobile Device. Now there is MoblMsg 2.0, Try it for free, it is posted on this site.
Arrived: Apr 1, 2008
Found under: sms, group, chat, messaging, texting, utilities


Rating: 4/5
6 useful text messaging utilities in 1 cool app. PowerSMS is a mobile application for people who love text messaging.
Arrived: Sep 9, 2005
Found under: SMS, backup, restore, statistic, group, note, beta
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