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Aedon WP7 Keyboard

Windows Phone 7 skin for wm6 keyboard
Arrived: Jul 27, 2011
Found under: keyboard, skin, wp7


Rating: 4/5
Multi-Touch Keyboard for WM
Arrived: Dec 27, 2010
Found under: Tools, Input, Keyboard, Multi Touch


Rating: 5/5
Use your phone with g-sensor to control your PC plus many other features like Touchpad and Keyboard !
Arrived: May 13, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Multimedia, Remote Control, remote, control, mouse, media, keyboard, wifi, bluetooth, gsensor, accelerometer, gremote, joystick


Rating: 4/5
HTC EzInput Keyboard Suites - RC2 and Language Packs
Arrived: Nov 27, 2008
Found under: keyboard, input, utilities, finger, friendly, diamond

Smart Key Board

Rating: 4/5
Virtual keyboard for windows mobile devices.
Arrived: Jul 31, 2008
Found under: keyboard, input, utilities, finger, friendly


Rating: 4/5
NullKeyboard is a keyboard utility which disable the screen keyboard so it wont mess up the things while you dont need it for example when browsing an exel table sheet.
Arrived: May 28, 2008
Found under: keyboard, utilities

HTC Touch Diamond Keyboards

Rating: 4/5
This is a port of the HTC Touch Diamond keyboard and keypad for all HTC devices.
Arrived: May 19, 2008
Found under: keyboard, diamond, htc

FlashKeys v1.2

Rating: 3/5
This is a small program made in Flash to emulate a fullscreen virtual keyboard.
Arrived: May 14, 2008
Found under: flash, keyboard, fullscreen, landscape

PocketCM Keyboard

Rating: 4/5
Nice finger friendly keyboard for pocket pc
Arrived: Apr 2, 2008
Found under: Utilities, Data, input, keyboard

CooTek TouchPal

Rating: 4/5
TouchPal is a software keyboard with a patent-pending English input method to significantly improve the user experience of inputting on touchscreens of handheld devices.
Arrived: Jan 18, 2008
Found under: keyboard, input, Utilities
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