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Aloqa - Always Be A Local

Rating: 4/5
Aloqa is a push based mobile service that proactively notifies you about interesting events, POIs and services around you. concerts, movies and cinemas including show times, nightlife events, clubs, restaurants, fast food, ATMs, Starbucks, real estates, tourist sights, wikipedia, wifi hotspots, weather and many more.
Arrived: Feb 1, 2010
Found under: poi, nightlife, event, restaurant, travel, atm, movie, pizza, starbucks, find, lastfm, sights, location, location based service, maps


GPS Application Plugin for Wm6.5 Titanium
Arrived: Sep 24, 2009
Found under: gps, coordinates, share, location, plugin

F4U - Friends For You

Rating: 3/5
Friends For You: Do you have a WindowsMobile phone? Are you a Facebook users? If so, with F4U you'll always know where are your friends. Share your GPS position with a picture and post it on your wall in Facebook
Arrived: Jan 12, 2011
Found under: communication, social, facebook, gps, location, friends


Rating: 3/5
Application for Windows Mobile that works with Facebook that lets your friends find you!
Arrived: Mar 24, 2008
Found under: location, find, facebook,


Rating: 5/5
GCz is all-in-one application for Geocaching.
Arrived: Apr 14, 2010
Found under: GPS, Geocaching, location, sharing, cache, seek, monitor


A helper app for geocaching with lots of tools for improvements GCzII
Arrived: Oct 5, 2009
Found under: ps, geocaching, location, sharing, cache, seek, monitor, tools, email, share


Rating: 4/5
Gippos is mobile software for locating yourself and other users on the map and for instant messaging.
Arrived: Oct 17, 2008
Found under: location, friends, mapping, messaging, chat


Rating: 4/5
Glympse is a groundbreaking new way to share your location with anyone for a specified period of time using patent-pending GlympseWatch timer.
Arrived: Mar 5, 2010
Found under: GPS, location, share, track, map

GPS Location

Rating: 5/5
This application finds your location via GPS (provided you have a internal or external GPS).
Arrived: Aug 27, 2009
Found under: GPS, location, send, email, sms, note, share, find

Leaf Locate

Free location software for Windows Mobile.
Arrived: Mar 7, 2010
Found under: GPS, Location, Track, Share, find me, poi
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