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WebPeekaBoo Demo

A free demo of WebPeekaBoo, an easy and intuitive web cam/image viewer for your Windows Mobile Device.
Arrived: May 13, 2011
Found under: webcam, viewer, monitor, image


Rating: 4/5
Football Monitoring Service which alerts you when a team is playing and on score updates.
Arrived: Apr 30, 2010
Found under: football, monitor, alert, sport


Rating: 5/5
GCz is all-in-one application for Geocaching.
Arrived: Apr 14, 2010
Found under: GPS, Geocaching, location, sharing, cache, seek, monitor


Rating: 5/5
Monitor maintenance for several cars with autoreminders
Arrived: Feb 23, 2010
Found under: Personal, Car, Maintenance, Reminder, track, tasks, monitor

Ariel Battery Monitor

Rating: 5/5
Ariel taskbar battery charge monitor/indicator/gauge replaces the "Start" button Icon at the taskbar with battery info icon.
Arrived: Oct 8, 2009
Found under: battery, power, meter, monitor


A helper app for geocaching with lots of tools for improvements GCzII
Arrived: Oct 5, 2009
Found under: ps, geocaching, location, sharing, cache, seek, monitor, tools, email, share

PPC InterfaceMonitor

Rating: 5/5
The PPC_InterfaceMonitor is a small application for PocketPC, which was designed to show the W-LAN usage/traffic in a vivid way.
Arrived: Sep 29, 2009
Found under: interfacemonitor, traffic, network, wifi, wlan, umts, gprs, edge, bluetooth, monitor


Rating: 5/5
Bike training assistance application for windows mobile phones
Arrived: May 4, 2009
Found under: GPS, Tracking, bike, dashboard, assistance, sport, monitor, tracks, sport

PowerGuard v1.2

Rating: 5/5
Monitor the battery status of your Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Arrived: Mar 3, 2008
Found under: utilities, battery, monitor

WR-Tools ResInfo v1.54

Rating: 5/5
WR-Tools ResInfo is application which shows the usage of your Windows Mobile Pocket PC's system resources
Arrived: Feb 19, 2008
Found under: Utilities, system, resources, monitor
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