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Coverage Assistant Tool

This tool allows you to plan your production limits of two products that require the same resources.
Arrived: Feb 15, 2012
Found under: production, planning, general, management, operation, operative, coverage

Solar System

Rating: 4/5
Translated version in English of the Sistema Solare
Arrived: Jun 25, 2010
Found under: solar, system, planets, astronomy


Rating: 4/5
SmartOrganizer is a collection of tools for Pocket PC/SmartPhone. It helps you to easily organize your tasks, schedule, shopping list, inventory, packing list, recipes and plan meals.
Arrived: Mar 5, 2010
Found under: organizer, task, schedule, inventory, shopping, packing, todo, recipe, meal, planner

SciLors Fahrplanauskunft

SciLor's Fahrplanauskunft is a tool for searching timetables for bus and trains in germany over and Deutsche Bahn.
Arrived: Dec 9, 2009
Found under: scilor, navigation, fahrplan, timetable, bus, train, bahn, fahrplan, efa


Rating: 3/5
Facebook's Farmville calculator
Arrived: Sep 18, 2009
Found under: tools, calculator, farmville, facebook, crops, plant


Rating: 4/5
To date, the classic "Taiyoukei" is the largest database of the Solar System and beyond for Pocket PCs, now rolled out as version 2.00 with updates and restructured menus.
Arrived: May 2, 2008
Found under: space, planet, sky, solar, astronomy


Rating: 4/5
LCMinutes keeps track of phone calls and text messages (SMS), calculates their charge based on user defined rate plan
Arrived: Feb 28, 2008
Found under: utilities, minutes, count, SMS, plan

Planet Earth Theme

Rating: 5/5
Very beautiful theme of our Planet Earth
Arrived: Dec 21, 2007
Found under: theme, planet, earth

Pocket AirRoute v2

Compute winddrift, fuel management, prepare a holding, calculate TAS - CAS and Mach in the standard atmosphere. # VFR oriented. (but may be used for IFR planning) # Database with more then 6...
Arrived: Sep 26, 2006
Found under: air, flight, pilot, aviation, plane

Keigai Solar System Database

Keigai in Japanese means "Beyond the Solar System". Keigai is a database of exosolar planets, including simple simulations. It replaces the ExoSolar add-on for Taiyoukei. The Flash module is a collec...
Arrived: May 29, 2006
Found under: astronomy, planet, astro
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