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Rating: 5/5
Timer shutdown for Windows Mobile based devices
Arrived: Nov 7, 2010
Found under: productivity, shutdown, turn off, timer, countdown, sleep, battery, power, poweroff, power off, radio, podcast, mp3, player, mediaplayer, media player

Screen Off

Rating: 5/5
Screen off for Windows Mobile
Arrived: Jun 22, 2010
Found under: battery, display, system, utility, power


Rating: 5/5
With this application you can control the function of the Power button of the device
Arrived: Apr 8, 2010
Found under: Utilites, Enhancement, lock, unlock, power, button, enhance

Ariel Battery Monitor

Rating: 5/5
Ariel taskbar battery charge monitor/indicator/gauge replaces the "Start" button Icon at the taskbar with battery info icon.
Arrived: Oct 8, 2009
Found under: battery, power, meter, monitor


With SVMPowerMgr, you can: turn off the screen, put the device in suspend mode, soft reset and power down.
Arrived: Jul 20, 2009
Found under: Utilites, Enhancement, power, screen, suspend, reset

Battery Guard

Battery Guard is an finger-friendly application that manage powering for each subdevices on PocketPC machine.
Arrived: Jun 9, 2009
Found under: battery, utilities, power

pwrstat v2.6

Minimalist clutter free & really small (14,848 bytes) battery & memory monitor.
Arrived: Apr 14, 2009
Found under: battery, memory, power, pwrstat


Rating: 5/5
Complete HTC Auto-Backlight replacement REQUIRE light sensor equipped HTC Diamond/PRO/HD
Arrived: Dec 17, 2008
Found under: sensor, diamond, light, power, utilities, HTC

EdgeWay PocketPC Utils

Rating: 4/5
Shut down or reboot your Windows Mobile 2003 / WM 5.0 / WM6 Pocket PC XP style, powerdown your screen saving battery power while allowing applications to continue running.
Arrived: Jun 24, 2008
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, power manager, memory, battery

Pocket Device Power Manager v1.0

Rating: 4/5
Pocket Device Power Manager will help you easily manage the energy consumption of your device.
Arrived: Feb 4, 2008
Found under: utilities, power, screen, reset, energy
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