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Rating: 4/5
popular student game
Arrived: Jul 9, 2010
Found under: april32, game, puzzle, numbers, touch


Rating: 5/5
a classic n-puzzle on windows phone
Arrived: Jul 2, 2010
Found under: april32, touch, game, puzzle


Rating: 4/5
Modern words puzzle
Arrived: Jul 2, 2010
Found under: april32, game, puzzle, words, touch


Rating: 3/5
Fantastic pong remake a must download for all WVGA devices. Very fun and enemy artificial intelligence will make you feel like your playing a person.
Arrived: May 27, 2010
Found under: games, fun, action, adventure, pong, puzzle, arcade,


Rating: 3/5
Play as Mario in this pac-man style game. Avoid goombas and collect pac-pellets.WVGA only
Arrived: May 11, 2010
Found under: mario, games, fun, action, adventure, arcade, puzzle,

Minesweeper 1.5.1 Release 2

Rating: 5/5
Nice VGA/WVGA minesweeper game for Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones
Arrived: May 9, 2010
Found under: mines, games, puzzle, minesweeper, vga

BrakingHead 2

Rating: 4/5
Fun puzzle game, interesting gameplay, 30 cool pictures, user image load option, all screens support
Arrived: Apr 29, 2010
Found under: games, fun, puzzle, arcade, quest, brakinghead, logic


The new puzzle action craze!! Totally original puzzle action game will have you playing for hour.
Arrived: Apr 28, 2010
Found under: games, puzzle, action, adventure, fun, arcade


Rating: 4/5
The objective is to take out the green vehicle by moving the other vehicle to free the exit.
Arrived: Apr 26, 2010
Found under: Games, Puzzle, WVGA, Cars


Rating: 4/5
GemDrops is a fun and frantic puzzle game in which you must arrange pairs of falling gems to form groups of the same colour. Groups disappear once they have formed, allowing the gems above to fall.
Arrived: Apr 24, 2010
Found under: fun, puzzle, game, gems, falling, tetris, columns
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