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Connecting Notifier

The Connecting Notifier will output a short vibration each time your outgoing call gets picked up.
Arrived: Jul 27, 2009
Found under: utilites, enhancement, vibrate, call


TouchBack is an application for emulating haptic (vibration) feedback for Windows Mobile 6.0 devices.
Arrived: Feb 10, 2009
Found under: touch, vibrate, response, utilities

VAlert v1.21

Rating: 4/5
This small program allows customizing vibration incoming call alerts.
Arrived: Dec 24, 2008
Found under: vibrate, alert, utilities

G-Sensor Calibration Tool

Rating: 4/5
Calibrate the g-sensor of your HTC Touch Diamond
Arrived: Sep 27, 2008
Found under: gsensor, diamond, tools, calibrate, settings, utilities, accelerometer

Magnets v2.3

Rating: 4/5
Magnets is a game originally proposed in the French magazine "La Recherche", at the end of 2003. The developer has automated the game on the Pocket PC, with a random generator to get more grids to find. There's also some visual help to show rule violations, which are often hard to see on paper.
Arrived: Jan 7, 2008
Found under: games, board, puzzle, strategy


Rating: 3/5
mobileHUSH is lets you specify how long you want your phone / PDA be in silent / vibrate / flight mode.
Arrived: Jan 2, 2008
Found under: utilities, silent, vibrate, timer,


Rating: 2/5
EndKey is powerful launcher for quick access to lock, vibrate or flight functions.
Arrived: Nov 19, 2007
Found under: launch, utilities, key, lock, vibrate, flight

BP Assistant

Rating: 5/5
Track your BP & Pulse Rate right there in your Pocket PC... Stay Healthy...!
Arrived: Oct 2, 2007
Found under: health, medical, heart, rate, blood, pressure

JumpingCube v1.0

This is a version of KJumpingCube found on KDE. The games is a 2 player strategy game with the object being to take ownership of the playing grid. If a player clicks on a unowned (gray) s...
Arrived: Jun 13, 2007
Found under: Games, Strategy

Pocket Humanity v0.889

Rating: 5/5
Pocket Humanity is a turn based strategy game for Pocket PCs. Features: - Build and develop cities. - Research technologies. - Maintai...
Arrived: Feb 6, 2007
Found under: Games, Strategy
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