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VLC Remote

Rating: 4/5
Remote Control VLC Media Player from a Windows Mobile Device over LAN.
Arrived: Sep 2, 2009
Found under: Enhancement, Multimedia, remote, Remote Control, media player, vlc


Dikeytus is a remote control application, but it’s not a remote desktop.
Arrived: Jul 30, 2009
Found under: remote, control, mouse, touchpad,

T2 Remote Touch

Rating: 4/5
Remote Touch is the quickest remote control & file transfer app for Windows Mobile. Full features keyboard, touch panning ...
Arrived: May 25, 2009
Found under: remote, desktop, touch, utilities


Rating: 5/5
Use your phone with g-sensor to control your PC plus many other features like Touchpad and Keyboard !
Arrived: May 13, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Multimedia, Remote Control, remote, control, mouse, media, keyboard, wifi, bluetooth, gsensor, accelerometer, gremote, joystick


BlueAmp allows you to control Winamp from your Windows Mobile phone
Arrived: Apr 13, 2009
Found under: winamp, bluetooth, remote control, play, music, media, players, remote

Media Remote

Rating: 4/5
Media Remote is software that enables you to remotely control media (MP3/Video) playback on your computer.
Arrived: Mar 20, 2009
Found under: Multimedia, Utilities, media, remote


Rating: 4/5
A Pocket PC-based remote control for the infamous music player foobar2000.
Arrived: Oct 20, 2008
Found under: remote, control, foobar2000

Remote Control For Pentax

Rating: 3/5
Remote Control For Pentax allows you to use your Pocket PC, Windows Mobile or Windows CE device to shoot pictures using your Pentax DSLR camera.
Arrived: Jul 25, 2008
Found under: remote, control, pentax, camera, DSLR

OldSAP Oist v1.3

Rating: 4/5
Individual SMS Tones for each contact, remote contact retrieval, unread sms and missed calls reminder alarm ... and more !
Arrived: Jul 14, 2008
Found under: SMS, alert, call, remote, oist, oldsap


Rating: 4/5
Windows Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) client for PocketPC
Arrived: Mar 27, 2008
Found under: remote, desktop, windows, client, terminal
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