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Soft Reset

This apps only does 1 thing - soft reset (restart) your mobile upon launch! Windows Mobile 6.5 enjoy nice icon.
Arrived: Feb 4, 2020
Found under: soft reset, reboot, restart

HD2 connexions

Rating: 4/5
HD2 connexions is application for HD2 to switch on/off bluetooth,vibrate and wifi .
Arrived: Feb 25, 2010
Found under: Tools, connections, bluetooth, wifi, vibration, reset


Rating: 3/5
Automatically, according to schedule switches device sound (available profiles - sounds on, sounds off, vibrate, volume low, medium, high, too high), wifi, bluetooth, phone mode and soft reset at selected hour and weekday. Simple application, doesn't occupy memory. Tested only on HTC HD2 but should work on any WM 5.0 device.
Arrived: Feb 10, 2010
Found under: profiles, sounds, schedule, personal, tools, utilities, bluetooth, wifi, soft reset

Windows Phone Rebooter

Tired of long pressing your power button, confirming the power-off, then pressing the power button again just to reboot your Windows Mobile device? For a Windows phone geek player, or a developer, it is so often that you need to soft reset your device. With this little toolkit, you can again conveniently soft reset your Windows phone with just a couple of menu clicks.
Arrived: Feb 3, 2010
Found under: utility, enhancement, reboot, soft reset


With SVMPowerMgr, you can: turn off the screen, put the device in suspend mode, soft reset and power down.
Arrived: Jul 20, 2009
Found under: Utilites, Enhancement, power, screen, suspend, reset

A-A Reset Manager

A-A Reset Manager is a Soft Reset scheduler, which allows you to schedule soft resets two ways
Arrived: Dec 14, 2008
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, Soft Reset, Schedule,

Pocket Device Power Manager v1.0

Rating: 4/5
Pocket Device Power Manager will help you easily manage the energy consumption of your device.
Arrived: Feb 4, 2008
Found under: utilities, power, screen, reset, energy

Reset Scheduler v1.0.1

Rating: 5/5
A Windows Mobile application to schedule automatic resets on your Pocket PC
Arrived: Oct 29, 2007
Found under: reset, utilities, schedule

AutoReset v1.0

Rating: 5/5
AutoReset is Windows Mobile application to schedule automatic resets on your Pocket PC at predetermined time. Uses the Notification queue so the application is not constantly running. Please not...
Arrived: Oct 24, 2007
Found under: reset, memory, utilities

Powerdown v1.0

Rating: 5/5
Shut down your Pocket PC from the XP-style start menu. Power, Standby, or ReBoot allow you to do the equivalent of a soft reboot, place your device on standby (saving battery while maintaining current...
Arrived: Mar 28, 2007
Found under: reboot, soft, reset, power
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