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WORDWOX: easy to use text to speech (books, lectures, articles). WORDWOX is an application that allows you to transform text into speech.
Arrived: Sep 4, 2014
Found under: speech to text, text to audio, text to mp3

DV2T Translator

Rating: 5/5
DV2T Translator provides bi-directional translation of words and phrases between languages (using BING or GOOGLE translator)
Arrived: Sep 16, 2010
Found under: translate, translation, language, phrase, google, bing, text to speech

Speech and Debate Timekeeper

Speech and Debate Timekeeper is a multi-platform debate timer for various speech and debate events. It has speech order and time limits preset for Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Parliamentary, Public Forum, World Schools, Karl Popper, and miscellaneous debate formats as well as individual events. This timer gives visual and/or vocal time signals at user defined intervals so that you will never have to give manual time signals or frequently look at the time. At the end of each speech, cross-examination, or preparation, the timer automatically sets itself to time the next thing that needs timing at the push of a button. No stopwatch or general purpose timer comes this close to fulfilling the role of a dedicated timekeeper in a round.
Arrived: Jul 29, 2010
Found under: speech, debate, timer


Rating: 5/5
WordStreamer (aka MiniMuncher) is a speed reading tool.
Arrived: Aug 16, 2008
Found under: word, text, speech, read, documents, viewers

Voice Clock

Rating: 3/5
A simple application that tells you what is the current time.
Arrived: Feb 21, 2008
Found under: clock, voice, speech, talk


Rating: 4/5
TellMeText intercepts incoming SMS (text) messages to your Windows Mobile device and reads them out to you before they go to your inbox.
Arrived: Feb 17, 2008
Found under: SMS, read, speech, text

pocket Book Listr v1.0

Rating: 4/5
pocket Book Listr v1.0.0 is an experimental reader for Pocket PC which helps you understand the text easier. The text itself is transformed to speech at one point of the screen with specific speed,...
Arrived: Jun 7, 2007
Found under: text, speech, reader, language
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