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CityPipe is an arcade puzzle game for Pocket PC. Plumber + Tetris mix.
Arrived: Apr 5, 2011
Found under: citypipe, arcade, puzzle, tetris, plumber


Rating: 4/5
Good old tetris game controlled only by touch of your fingers.
Arrived: Nov 26, 2010
Found under: games, arcade, board, tetris, logic


Rating: 4/5
GemDrops is a fun and frantic puzzle game in which you must arrange pairs of falling gems to form groups of the same colour. Groups disappear once they have formed, allowing the gems above to fall.
Arrived: Apr 24, 2010
Found under: fun, puzzle, game, gems, falling, tetris, columns


Rating: 4/5
NavTetris is a classic Tetris game made for devices with accelerometer.
Arrived: Jul 29, 2009
Found under: games, tetris, classic, arcade, accelerometer


Rating: 4/5
Smartfall is a new Tetris clone for windows mobile pda phones.
Arrived: Nov 27, 2008
Found under: Games, Arcade, tetris, classic

Samulos v1.0

Rating: 5/5
Samulos is a puzzle game, similar to Tetris and Lumines. The player has to make figures from squares in the same colour to make them explode. The explosion is delayed which gives an opportunity to...
Arrived: Jan 1, 2008
Found under: tetris, games, puzzle


Rating: 4/5
This is a popular game similar to all Tetris clones, this time with colors to gather instead of lines.
Arrived: Nov 23, 2007
Found under: games, arcade, tetris

TeKnowMagic Tetris

Rating: 4/5
Another tetris game for your pocket pc with some new options.
Arrived: Nov 11, 2007
Found under: game, tetris, arcade, bricks

Kevtris v2.0

Rating: 5/5
Kevtris is a free falling blocks game with customizable controls, online high scores, varied gameplay modes, and is very addictive. Kevtris is a falling blocks game with nice graphics, customizable c...
Arrived: Jan 17, 2007
Found under: games, board, tetris, arcade, puzzle

LTris 1.011 Build 1

This the first port of the Game LTris for Pocket PC. It can be used on VGA devices in portrait mode only! For use at own risk!!! There is no installer now. You just have to unzip the game and to st...
Arrived: Jan 14, 2007
Found under: games, tetris, marbles
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