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FR Notepad

A simple text editor with save documents in TXT format. Features : - insert today date - cut and paste cross application - context menu Perfect for editing or writing a simple note or a wh...
Arrived: Dec 21, 2006
Found under: notepad, edit, text

frNotepad 1.4.3

Simple text editor
Arrived: Sep 8, 2009
Found under: notepad, text


Rating: 5/5
Made is a small yet powerful text editor for Windows Mobile
Arrived: Feb 6, 2008
Found under: text, editor

Mg for Win32 v0.7

Mg gives you the similar operational feelings as the famous editor GNU Emacs does. Mg is a derived version of MicroEMACS, and a lot of enhancement has been introduced by Bob Larson (blarson@ecla.usc.e...
Arrived: Jan 13, 2006
Found under: Docs, Text


Tiny Text Editor which can handle UNICODE text files.
Arrived: Jul 26, 2011
Found under: text, editor, unicode

Mobi Notepad

Mobi Notepad is a simple text editor.
Arrived: Mar 12, 2009
Found under: Productivity, Documents, notepad, text, editor, write, file

Mobile JungUm Global v1.2

Rating: 4/5
JungUm Global includes basic features for word processing such as Font, Table, or Image. Two languages are supported - Korean and English.
Arrived: May 21, 2008
Found under: document, text, table, font, type


Rating: 3/5
MobilePad is a light, speedy text document editor that allows you to create quick notes or long journals for daily activities right on your Windows Mobile Phone.
Arrived: Aug 10, 2009
Found under: Productivity, Documents, text, edit, wrap, note, write, blog

MoblMsg 2.0 Group SMS Lite

Rating: 4/5
A compact, quick, easy to use alternative to sending and receiving SMS Text messages with the resident text messager. Free LITE version has limits on the size of outgoing texts but you can use it for free forever.
Arrived: Mar 4, 2011
Found under: sms, group, text, messaging, communication, texting, windowsmobile, moblmsg

MoblMsg v1.0

Rating: 5/5
Group SMS Text Messaging via your MS Mobile Device. Now there is MoblMsg 2.0, Try it for free, it is posted on this site.
Arrived: Apr 1, 2008
Found under: sms, group, chat, messaging, texting, utilities
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