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JZ SmartMort

Rating: 4/5
When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.
Arrived: Oct 24, 2013
Found under: utilities, multiple browsers, browserscopy, paste, tweaks, hacks

CHT Tweaks

Rating: 3/5
Tweaker for Cookies Home Tab
Arrived: Mar 22, 2011
Found under: utilities, tweaks, cht

Co0kies Home Tab

This is a Sense 2.5 Home Tab modification
Arrived: Nov 18, 2010
Found under: utilites, customization, enhancement, htc hd2, hd2, tweaks, mods, manila, sense

XT Hack

Rating: 4/5
New tweak software for HTC HD2
Arrived: Apr 13, 2010
Found under: Utilites, Customization, Enhancement, HTC HD2, HD2, Tweaks, Mods

BSB Tweaks

Rating: 5/5
BSB Tweaks allows you to have full control of some hidden functions, add rotation and pinch to zoom support,take screenshots, disable data connections...
Arrived: Jan 21, 2010
Found under: utilties, customization, bsb tweaks, settings, extra tools, tweaks, screenshots, data connections


Rating: 4/5
Apply various tweaks to your HTC HD2
Arrived: Jan 19, 2010
Found under: HD2, tweak, utilities, enhancements

PPC Configurator

Rating: 4/5
This tool will configure your Phone not to see some of the SIP Programs
Arrived: Dec 12, 2009
Found under: sip, customize, config, configurator, tweak, ppc, settings

TD2 Tools

Rating: 5/5
all in one hack pack for Touch Diamond 2
Arrived: Nov 25, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Tools, Diamond 2, tweak, mod, hacks


Rating: 4/5
Customize your windows mobile phone with ease
Arrived: Feb 3, 2009
Found under: tweaks, registry, enhancements

Diamond/Pro Tweak

Rating: 5/5
Advanced tweaking application for your HTC Touch Diamond/Pro
Arrived: Dec 21, 2008
Found under: tweak, diamond, htc
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