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JZ SmartMort

Rating: 4/5
When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.
Arrived: Oct 24, 2013
Found under: utilities, multiple browsers, browserscopy, paste, tweaks, hacks

CHT Tweaks

Rating: 3/5
Tweaker for Cookies Home Tab
Arrived: Mar 22, 2011
Found under: utilities, tweaks, cht

Co0kies Home Tab

This is a Sense 2.5 Home Tab modification
Arrived: Nov 18, 2010
Found under: utilites, customization, enhancement, htc hd2, hd2, tweaks, mods, manila, sense

XT Hack

Rating: 4/5
New tweak software for HTC HD2
Arrived: Apr 13, 2010
Found under: Utilites, Customization, Enhancement, HTC HD2, HD2, Tweaks, Mods

BSB Tweaks

Rating: 5/5
BSB Tweaks allows you to have full control of some hidden functions, add rotation and pinch to zoom support,take screenshots, disable data connections...
Arrived: Jan 21, 2010
Found under: utilties, customization, bsb tweaks, settings, extra tools, tweaks, screenshots, data connections


Rating: 4/5
Customize your windows mobile phone with ease
Arrived: Feb 3, 2009
Found under: tweaks, registry, enhancements

Advanced Configuration Tool

Rating: 5/5
Advanced Configuration Tool - The ultimate tweaking tool for Windows Mobile
Arrived: Dec 16, 2008
Found under: Utilities, Customization, Enhancement, configuration, tweaks

Mode SMS

Rating: 3/5
Threaded SMS for Windows Mobile Platform
Arrived: Jul 29, 2008
Found under: sms, chat, threaded, modes, tweaks

SMS Tweaker v1.0

Rating: 4/5
Application for changing the default SMS mode to Threaded mode
Arrived: Apr 30, 2008
Found under: sms, manager, tweaks

KaiserTweak v0.4

Rating: 5/5
KaiserTweak is a little tool that tweaks some of your HTC Kaiser (P4450, TyTN II, Vario III) registry settings. Note that some tweaks may work on devices other than the Kaiser, but the default valu...
Arrived: Nov 5, 2007
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, htc, kaiser, tweaks
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