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JZ SmartMort

Rating: 4/5
When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.
Arrived: Oct 24, 2013
Found under: utilities, multiple browsers, browserscopy, paste, tweaks, hacks


Rating: 5/5
The application blinks the device LED every few seconds. The idea is to notify the user about the state of the device via the LEDs (SMS, EMail, missed calls, wifi bluetooth etc.)
Arrived: Jan 4, 2012
Found under: utilities, tools, notifications, sms, email, missed calls, wifi, bluetooth

inCall ProxDispOff

Rating: 5/5
inCall ProxDispOff helps you avoid accidental taps while you have a call.
Arrived: Nov 23, 2011
Found under: utilities, tools, proximity, sensor


Rating: 3/5
A WP7-style notebook on Windows Mobile
Arrived: Nov 2, 2011
Found under: utilities, note, task


Rating: 4/5
Windows Mobile app for importing iCalendar appointments/tasks
Arrived: Oct 16, 2011
Found under: utilities, calendar, ical


Rating: 5/5
SmartEndKey is an all-in-one solution that gives quick access to important settings and all running tasks.
Arrived: Sep 28, 2011
Found under: utilities, tools


Rating: 3/5
The SonarCE application is a real sonar for Pocket PC devices.
Arrived: Sep 28, 2011
Found under: sonar, scan, analyze, utilities, audio, record

Hosts File Editor

Easily edit your hosts config file on your Windows Mobile phone
Arrived: Sep 15, 2011
Found under: utilities, hosts, editor


Latest LolaLaterList-0.3.0 (30.08.2011) brings following changes to LolaLaterList-0.2.1
Arrived: Aug 31, 2011
Found under: read it later, ril, reading, reference, utilities


BlueStarter is a Windows Mobile tool to automatically start an application when a configured bluetooth device is discovered.
Arrived: Aug 24, 2011
Found under: tools, utilities, bluetooth, starter
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